Division of Gymnasium

Education is performed according to the curricula approved by Minister of National Education and also according to the curicula for individual branches of the school. Hearing impaired students are taught such specific and special subjects as the Sign Language, Subject related activity, individual speech and language training, Rhytmics and History of the deaf. They are taught English from the fifth form. Syllabuses are adapted according to the level of hearing disorder and level of speech and language development.

In the Center the system of secondary education is comprised of primary school, basic school and gymnasium. The students can get a Primary School Pupils’ Achievements Certificate, Basic School Education Certificate and successful o­nes are awarded a School Leaving Certificate.
The center offers the assistance of teacher of the deaf , special education teacher, social teacher, teacher’s assisstant, psychologist and Sign language interpreter.

Svetlana Beniušienė
Tel.:+370 5 2154427
E-mail: direktore@lknuc.lt

Head of Division of Gymnasium
Jolita Levickiene
Tel.: +370 5 2154327
E-mail: jolita.levickiene@lknuc.lt

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